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*PA TRANSPORTATION BILL 1060 - Highway to Devastation


PA Transportation Bill 1060 - Highway to Devastation


Supporting Documents:
The Long Run Decline in Actual Homeownership-Mark Calabria
History of PA school funding thru property tax
Public Welfare-Program Funding Summary-PA Budget
Pennsylvania’s income, property tax burden driving people out- PA Independent
eState to State Migration Data-Pennsylvania 2000 thru 2010
PA Data compiled from census
Pennsylvania’s Academic Performance and Implications for Charter School Reform-Commonwealth Foundation
Not free, after all: Public school fees add up-BUSINESS NEWS
Budget Facts 2012-Pennsylvania Government Debt-COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION
Foreclosure crisis hits older Americans hard-JOSH LEDERMAN- Associated Press
Budget Facts 2012-Pennsylvania K-12 Education Spending-Commonwealth Foundation
Budget Facts 2010-Pennsylvania Education Spending-Commonwealth Foundation
Education - Program Funding Summary-PA Budget
The Cost of PA’s Education Failures-Commonwealth Foundation


Creepy Uncle Sam Obamacare Care-nival Video

Obamacare was sold as a great deal for young Americans - but it turned out to be a creepy, intrusive, and expensive government plan.
"Like your doctor" and "like your plan" suddenly proved untrue. The reality was much darker.
Get the facts, learn more, and take action at

Highlights of presentation:

The ObamaCare Hub - diagram of information exchange

Financing is with major cuts to Medicare Over $700 B
Massive tax increases across the board.
There are 20 major new taxes estimated to increase revenue by $592.2 Billion years 2010-2019
Increasing to $1.058 trillion between 2013-2022.
The estimates are for an increase of $6363 dollars for a family of four thru 2022.
This does not include the higher state costs for the exchanges et. Al.
What benefits are you receiving for the horrendous cost?
Ask yourself if this worth this ever increasing cost?
It is estimated that between 800,000 and 1,000,000 would be added to Pa. Medicaid rolls under the ObamaCare expansion.
Medicaid is now a two tier system. For those who qualified prior to ObamaCare but did not sign up, the state will be forced to pay at the old rate.
Prior to March 2010 the state paid 45% of the cost and the federal share was 55%. (estimated 175,000 in Pa. old rate)
ObamaCare's individual mandate forces them to enroll in Medicaid when they apply for other benefits.
The “new eligible's” will be covered by the feds 100% for the first three years and 90% to the year 2020. However, Obama’s 2013 budget reduces that amount by some unknown percentage.
Plus there is no guarantee of matching funds beyond 2020.
With the expansion Pa. would go from 1 in 6 to 1 in 4 residents being on the Medicaid rolls. (over 3 million people by 2021)
Pa has the second highest per capita Medicaid costs in the USA and the fourth in total expenditures at $8.2 billion in 2012
Medicaid made up 30% of the Pa operating budget in 2012 against a national average of 23%. An increase of 83% in the last decade. (handouts to that effect)
The “new eligible's” in Pa. would cost tax payers more than $21 billion from 2014 to 2022.
Here are some of the handouts as supporting documenation:


You ask, "How much is enough?" For the government, it's never enough. As an infant, a politician's first word had to be "taxes." Seems to be, as their answer to all governments' ails and woes is to increase and/or invent a new tax. No doubt, an internet sales tax is on the horizon, adding to their list of new tax inventions. Taxing mileage is being considered, easily trackable by car odometers. Thank God he didn't create man with feetometers, as government would tax nail clippings! Most wage earners, today, have to work 8 months of the year to pay their tax obligations (local, state & federal). The average earner can, bearly, survive and afford to support their families, yet governments' gullets for tax dollar ingestion is insatiable. Is an 8 month tax obligation not enough? How much more do they need? Are they, intentionally, overspending to tax middle America into poverty? To learn more about how your tax dollars are working and for who, what, where, and why, click here.


Prior to passing the State's budgets, they discuss, haggle & argue the necessary funding that each Department needs to function, but I never hear of any discussion our Legislators have to confront one major problem in the Welfare Department - the FRAUD. The new budget allocates $28.4B to welfare funding, which is equal to the State's entire budget of $28.4B.
(Federal law states, responsibility for distribution of these funds is the State's.) Previous Auditor General, Jack Wagner (D), reported 15% of Welfare dollars going to recipients is fraudulently dispensed, which amounts to $4.26B; corporate welfare reports the same $4.26B they receive is, also, fraud. That is a taxpayer cost of 30%, $8.5 BILLION. Where is the concern to discuss this from, either, the Democrat or Republican leadership, or have they chose to close their eyes? In the Auditor General's report, dated September, 2011, it stated, 'our auditors found that senior DPW (Dept of Public Welfare) management exhibited an attitude of indifference and demonstrated lax oversight in its role as an administrator of substantial taxpayer monies.' If fudiciary responsibility for these funds was adhered to, taxes could be lowered by 30% or the $8.5B could be used to replace school property tax dollars now collected from homeowners, also, eliminating the $1.5B of welfare fraud in the education system. Either way, $10B is being abscounded, but not addressed or resolved by our Legislators.

PA is home to one of the most costly Welfare Departments in the U.S. It consumes the lion's share of the State's budget, costing taxpayers $27.65 billion a year. Even more stifling is, according to the Auditor General, billions in fraud are paid out by the Department because no investigative system is present to review applicants and/or how recipiants spend these dollars. Millions a month are illegally spent for items like drugs, alchohol, tobacco, and vacations round the world. Been on a cruise lately? Tax dollars are supposed to benefit those who pay them, in the form of gov't protection and services & maintenance of the State. PA has it backward - those not paying the lion's share of taxes are being afforded a lifestyle fit for a king, tax free. What wage earner can be paid $100,000.00 a year and be exempt from any PIT (personal income tax)?
Pennsylvania, Welfare State In Crisis:
PA Public Welfare Funding:
Commonwealth Foundations Report 2002-2012
CATO Institue Report 2012
Heritage Foundation - Means Testing the Welfare State 2012
PA Inspector General Report 2010-2011
US Dept HHS Report Sept 2012
Failed Leadership - Sept 2011
Federal Report on SNAP - 2012
What Is Poverty in PA Today?


The Southern Border: Our Welcome Mat for Terrorists

Chart of apprehensions at the borders - nations classed as "state sponsors of terrorism":

There are at least 7,518 reasons to get the U.S./Mexican border under control. That equals the number of aliens apprehended in fiscal year 2011 from the four nations the U.S. government labels “state sponsors of terrorism” and ten additional “countries of interest.” Since January 2010, those flying into America via these 14 nations face enhanced screening; as the Transportation Security Administration announced, “Effective aviation security must begin beyond our borders.” U.S. national security merits at least that much vigilance on our borders.

THE REAL COST OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IN $$ provides the key numbers and events related to illegal immigration in the United States.